Vietnamese Banh Mi Tacos

It’s hard to describe just how amazing these tacos are, but I’ll do my best. Each layer of this taco brings a new blend of spices to the table, putting an epic level of flavor into each bite. If this was the only food I could ever eat again, I’d have no complaints.

vietnamese-banh-mi-tacosI’ve given you the recipes for every layer over the past few weeks, now it’s time to put all the ingredients together into a meal fit for a king.

vietnamese-five-spice-tacosVietnamese five-spice pork with habanero lime creme and pickled carrots and daikon radishes, served on toasted corn tortillas and garnished with fresh basil, cilantro and mint.

vietnamese-banh-mi-tacos-2This is an easy dish to serve to a group, because the pickled carrots and daikons are best made at least a day ahead of time, as is the habanero lime creme, and the five spice pork requires very little attention – it just needs to simmer on the stove or in the slow cooker until tender. All that’s left to do is toast a stack of corn tortillas, which is easily done over the open flame of a gas stove, or over medium-high heat in a heavy pan on an electric stovetop.


Vietnamese Banh Mi Tacos

Vietnamese Banh Mi Tacos

Vietnamese banh mi tacos make an incredibly flavorful main course, from the five-spice pork to the spicy creme to the fresh herbs.



  1. Toast the tortillas over the open flame flame of a gas stove or in a dry, heavy skillet over medium-high heat on an electric stove.
  2. Fill the tortillas with pork, pickled carrots and daikons, habanero lime creme, and a sprinkling of cilantro, basil and mint.
  3. Serve immediately

inspired by the menu at bon banh mi

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