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Lime Basil Juice + Margarita


I’ve grown lime basil in my garden for the past couple years, but I never seem to use it for anything worthwhile.  I love both lime and basil, so why can’t I find a good recipe to use the lime basil in?  Then I chanced upon this recipe – so unique, so unexpected! – and made it mine.

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Authentic Mexican Horchata

authentic mexican horchata

It’s been way too long since I posted a drink recipe, so after trying the horchata at our favorite Mexican taco truck I knew I had to recreate it at home.  I’ve already described it as the Mexican eggnog, but don’t wait until the holidays for this drink.

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Easy Homemade Ginger Beer

This is not a wimpy ginger ale.  This is in-your-face spicy ginger beer.  Perfect for making a Dark’n’Stormy cocktail, or just drinking on its own.  My favorite part about this recipe is that there are no special ingredients – it’s all easy to find in any grocery store.  And by “all,” I mean the four things you need to make ginger beer: fresh ginger, brown sugar, lime juice and bread yeast.

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Mint Iced Tea + World Record Sweet Tea

mint iced tea

My garden is starting to get out of control.  Well, maybe not the garden so much as the mint.  I am starting to think it was not such a great idea to plant the mint in my herb garden – I should have planted it far, far away from everything so that when it started multiplying like rabbits (well, not exactly like rabbits) it wouldn’t take over the entire bed. On the plus side, I’m trying out all the mint recipes!

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Fresh Pressed Orange Spiced Cider

Apples, everywhere!  For the whole month of September, all I saw was apple recipes everywhere.  Yet not a single cider recipe!  I mentioned last week that we picked apples at Gram’s house.  Well, Gram’s apples aren’t perfect (they had a few skin blemishes) but they were perfect for cider!

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