Sushi Party

Do you wish your friends thought you were clever and fun?  Are you tired of being the “boring” one?  Do you want to be considered a daring gourmet, without all the effort and creativity?  You have come to the right place.  Today, I will teach you how to put on a great sushi party, and trick your friends into making all the food too!

sushi party

You don’t need fancy equipment or raw fish, although there are some things that will make it easier. The best investments are a sushi mat and spoon.  The mat makes it easier to roll, and the spoon is a magic spoon that sticky rice doesn’t stick to.

Get some sushi rice and nori (seaweed wrap).  Cook the sushi rice according to the directions on the package.  I don’t really like nori that much so I always make “inside out” sushi – the nori is on the inside, so there’s less of it.  It looks a lot prettier, too.  I cut my nori in half to fit an “inside out” roll.


On the sushi mat, flatten out a square of rice that is about as wide as the nori is long (as shown above – the nori is the dark seaweed wrap).  On top of the nori, place your sushi filling.

italian basil roll

Italian roll:  pepperoni, basil, and tomato.  I just made this one up, but it tasted really good.  Using the mat, roll up your sushi, trying to hold everything tightly together.  The sticky rice should be sticky enough to hold the roll together.  When it is rolled up, move it to a cutting board and cut it up.  I’ve found a serrated knife to work best.


Okay!  You’ve made one.  Now you’re an expert.  Time to let your friends take over the kitchen and try it for themselves.  Have a bunch of veggies julienned and ready to go so your friends can get creative.

sliced veggies

California roll:  crab meat, avocado, and cucumber.  Roll the outside in sesame seeds before slicing.  I used canned crab, you can also get away with using imitation crab meat.  You can set out some fresh or dried herbs for rolling the outside in as well (like dill!).

california roll

Whoa, look at how fancy you are!  Have everyone bring a different sauce for dipping.  Soy sauce is a must, along with some wasabi, sweet chili is good, spicy mango is great!  Some pickled ginger will help cleanse the palates, and make you sound just a little bit more interesting.

sushi dippers Edamame makes a great appetizer for those those who just can’t wait for their turn to roll sushi.  Add some sea salt and you’re in business!
sushi edamame soy sauce

South of the border roll:  jalapenos (de-veined and de-seeded), cream cheese and tomatoes.  Roll it in some fresh minced cilantro.

south of the border roll

I hope that gives you some ideas.  Sushi is easy and fun.  You can put whatever you want in it, and you really don’t need raw fish to have a good time.  In my opinion, sushi is what you want it to be.  It can be as simple as rolls and soy sauce, or you can add things like edamame and pickled ginger (but you don’t have to!).  But I really enjoyed sharing sushi with my friends, and I think they had a good time too.


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