September Wrap-Up

September is wrapping up, and for most of you, fall is in the air! Not here, of course, I just about died of heat stroke mowing the lawn this week. But that won’t stop the pumpkins from being on display everywhere.

September felt like it was maybe 2 or 3 months long. Looking back at photos, Memorial Weekend feels like ages and ages ago. I did surprisingly well on my goals for how busy it was.

  • Continue getting rid of all the things we don’t use. I had a day off of work for Hurricane Irma, I spent the day posting things on Facebook Marketplace and everything sold ridiculously fast.
  • Go through 12 years worth of digital photos, delete what I don’t want to keep, back up the rest. I made it through about two years, that’s it.
  • Spend a weekend making freezer meals to keep things easy. So, one of the things I sold on marketplace is our spare freezer. Instead of freezing things, I thawed things.
  • Mini family reunion – long-distance family is in town so we’re all getting together. We spent a weekend at the family cabin catching up!
  • Book a camping trip. So, I didn’t book a camping trip but we did camp at the cabin, so I think it counts.
  • I’m getting a new action camera, I’d like to play around with that on a paddleboarding trip. I did play around with the camera but not on the paddleboard. Also I’ve done nothing with the footage yet.

For Memorial Weekend, we packed the iSUPs in the car and headed south. Road trip!

The thing about traveling with no real schedule is that when you have a severe thunderstorm warning immediately ahead of you on the highway, you can pull off and wait it out at the nearest brewery.

We stopped at an airBNB along a canal in Florida and found blue crabs hanging out in the yard!

I had planned on making freezer meals the next Saturday, but then Hurricane Irma spent enough time aimed straight for Charleston that we started making evacuation plans just in case. What happened next was that all the grocery stores cleared out, so by the time Irma turned, making a huge pile of food was no longer an option. The devastation from Irma and Maria this month was both horrifying and incredible, I can’t imagine what the people in the leeward islands and Puerto Rico are going through right now, trying to rebuild.

The following weekend, we packed up the bus and hit the road in the other direction.

Rumor has it we hadn’t seen Kyle’s younger sister in 7 years! Unfortunately her husband wasn’t able to come along as well, maybe in seven more years…

It was great to get out in the bus again. We had to stop 3 times on the way up to clear the clogged fuel lines, which means cleaning out the gas tank is getting moved higher on the priority list. It will require us to pull the engine out though, so it’s no small feat. 

Can we just talk about how wonderful it is to enjoy a hot cup of coffee outdoors in the chilly morning air? Coffee is one of the best parts of my day, and coffee while camping is pure bliss.

One evening we stopped to walk around at a marina and watch the sunset prior to going over to a friend’s porch night, where we caught up with good friends we haven’t seen in a couple months. Absolutely some of my favorite people, and that night was the balm for a stressful week.

Onward and upward! 

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