September Wrap-Up

There goes another month. While signs of autumn seem to be springing up everywhere, South Carolina still feels like it’s in the throes of summer.

aimg_0834Before I get into the good, the bad, and the ugly of our trip to Puerto Rico, let’s cover September goals:

  • Determine how much fabric I need to buy to make curtains and seat covers for the bus. Bus measured, fabric decided on, and fabric purchased. Buying fabric online is scary. The colors aren’t quite what I wanted them to be, but it’s not bad.
  • Check out a new taphouse that just opened nearby! Oh man, we went there, it was awful. I will definitely not be looking for a job there.
  • Kyle just figured out a way to set up the slackline at our house, so I want to practice on that at least once a week! I didn’t keep track, but I’m certain I succeeded here, minus the week we were on vacation.
  • My fall garden plan says to plant peas mid-month, but I’ve got to clean up the garden before it’s ready for seeds. I completely forgot about this. Apparently I was supposed to have planted peas.
  • My diet has gotten out of whack and it’s starting to show…on my midsection. I did pretty well here! Surprisingly, I lost weight on vacation, mostly due to the fact that we walked everywhere and only ate about one meal a day.
  • For the most part, I enjoy my job. However, I don’t feel like I have a good balance between work and home right now. I’d like to find a better balance. Work ran the full gamut this month, from crazy to quiet to totally up-ending everything. My responsibilities are changing and there probably won’t be balance until after I’ve had some time to learn my new role.

Alright, let’s talk about October.

  • I know I failed to post any recipes in September, so I’ll get back to regular recipes this month.
  • Kyle owes me a trip to IKEA to buy a mattress for the bus camper build.
  • After we buy the mattress, I need to sew cushion covers for it, as well as curtains.
  • Kyle is also finishing up the wiring in the bus, so soon we should be able to get the rest of the cabinets and flooring installed. After that…cold beers at the beach!
  • We’re volunteering at the Latin American Festival, which I was really looking forward to last year but it got flooded out, so I’m extra excited this year.
  • I found a free online photography course originally offered at Stanford and Google, I would like to spend one night/week watching a lesson and completing assignments.

Enough of that nonsense. Let’s get to the part you’ve been waiting for: photos of our week in Puerto Rico!

aimg_9843Old San Juan was a gorgeous city to explore, with the colorful colonial buildings and cobblestone streets.  I took so many photos there I could hardly believe the quantity when I finally moved everything to my hard drive.

aimg_9145We walked the perimeter of the old city walls. The iconic towers and walls were full of such rich color and texture. I love the contrasting orange and blue in this shot.

aimg_9254While we were there, we also experienced Puerto Rico’s worst blackout in almost 40 years. At first it was fun! Ben and Jerry’s gave away all their ice cream so we each got free pints! After that, we ran out of cash and then discovered we were completely locked out of our airBNB. That was definitely a low point of the trip.

aimg_9871We also rented a car to drive through the mountains – La Ruta Panoramica is described as the backbone of Puerto Rico, from which you can view both the North and South coasts.

aimg_0396We stopped at a lovely coffee finca and had some fresh coffee. They weren’t doing tours on the day that we were there (boo!) but they let us explore the farm and oh my gosh! such abundance.

aimg_0627The mountain “highways” weren’t quite what we expected, often no wider than a driveway and twisting and turning constantly around blind corners. It was a little more stressful than we expected, especially after seeing all the broken down vehicles with front-end damage along the way. Luckily we finished the day without any damage to the rental, although I did get some fun shots of our drive!

aimg_0533Oh, and one last thing about San Juan – it’s full of cats! Most of them are not as interested in snuggles as I wanted them to be, but I still found a few that tolerated me briefly.


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