November Wrap-Up

November was a great month! We need to camp more.

adsc_0543I’ll pretend for a minute like I didn’t completely forget about my goals all month.

  • I 100% have to get that sewing stuff finished up – I didn’t quite get it done (pics below) but I got enough done to call it “functional,” which is the important part.
  • We’re planning on camping just about every weekend in November. Pretty much all camping plans fell through by November 3. Thanks guys. We made other plans instead.
  • A big road trip in the bus. Sort of a shake-down cruise. This is one of those plans that fell through. We did a mini-shakedown camping trip though, which turned out to be a much better idea.
  • Who hasn’t always wanted a cabin in the woods? My in-laws just bought one and it needs some cleaning up. We cleaned! And inhaled a lot of dust. And brought home a couple treasures.
  • Vote! I’m going to be out of town on election day so I’m voting absentee-in-person. They were all out of “I voted” stickers, so it was pretty much a waste of my time (I’m just kidding, voting is Very Important).
  • Roast a turkey! Eat mashed potatoes! See family! Check, check, and check!

December is already here, which is kind of unfortunate because I have pretty much no idea what to do this month. We don’t even have holiday plans yet.

  • We’re going to First Friday ArtWalk downtown (yay!) tonight.
  • Uh…friend’s Christmas party
  • And work Christmas party
  • And that’s all I’ve got. I’ve got a few days off around Christmas and I have to figure out what to do with that time.

Okay, let’s look at some photos. This month we had a supermoon! I grabbed my tripod and wandered around the neighborhood until I got tired of trying to fight all the yard lights here.

aimg_1358We visited the fam’s new cabin in the woods – and it is truly a log cabin! Definitely a cozy little spot to hang out, I’m excited to go back when we have some time to explore the area more!

adsc_0371This time we were too preoccupied with some serious cleaning! The cabin itself was nice and tidy but the workshop…had a few cobwebs.

aimg_3_contrastWe worked really hard to get the bus camping-ready. We opted out of doing a bigger trip, which happily freed us up to go to the bus club’s annual Thanksgiving campout! We had gorgeous weather all weekend.

adsc_0458Kyle and I dragged pretty much every single person at the campout over to our bus to show off our handiwork on the bus interior. It’s not done yet, but you’d never know it from the photos.

adsc_0503I love love love how this cabinet art turned out! It’s pretty much my favorite thing in the bus, excepting the fridge which keeps my beer cold. It’s hard to compete with that. However, for every mega-win there’s an equal and opposite mega-fail…

abdsc_0511Namely, whilst I was working feverishly on the curtains, something went terribly awry – I’m hoping I just loaded the bobbin wrong – but when I flipped over the curtain seam to find this hot mess I called it a day. Ugh. Sewing. It was fine for the short camping trip but it will have to all get re-done soon.

adsc_0621Then came the real roadtrip – we headed up to Kentucky for Thanksgiving dinner with my uncle and aunt. My parents met us there, too, and they even brought my favorite pupper along! Of course I have no photos of Thanksgiving dinner, but we did the traditional Kentucky thing and visited a distillery at 9am.

aimg_1440I hope everyone else had a wonderful month as well! Happy Holidays to all the family we didn’t get to see this month – we miss you all, especially around this time of year!


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