May Wrap-Up

We’ve wrapped up another fantastic month here – we’ve been incredibly busy but we also found time to relax in May. All in all, not a bad way to pass the time.

And did I mention busy? As such, I completely forgot about my goals, so I’m honestly not sure how well I did. Let’s take a quick look:

  • Our 4th anniversary is this month. We did our annual photo shoot, and our anniversary happened to fall on the same night the aquarium was holding an “after hours” event.
  • There’s a free community yoga class that takes place in Riverfront Park. Kyle and I attended early in the month!
  • I’ve been talking about getting prescription sunglasses since January. Now that the sun is out ALL THE TIME I finally went and bought a pair! I need to get them adjusted before I can wear them though.
  • About a year ago, we went to Old Sheldon Church, which is a gorgeous location. I recently learned that we have similar ruins in our backyard – I’d love to check those out, but we didn’t make it out there this month. That’s fine, there’s still plenty of time to explore!
  • We had a fantastic training course on SUPs in April, I want to practice what we learned. We tried to get the SUPs out this month but it just didn’t work out.
  • We’ve been going full-tilt for several weekends now, at this point I really just need a weekend off. We had at least one fantastic weekend of doing absolutely nothing. It was the best.

Not too bad! Okay, what’s on the list for June?

  • I have a garden now, so I’ve got to try to keep that alive. Right now I’m doing battle with gophers.
  • There’s a sweet potato – jalapeno recipe I’ve been meaning to try, this month will be a perfect time for it because the garden will be producing jalapenos like crazy (if the current buds are any indication)
  • Speaking of garden things, the mint has gone rogue. If you’ve got mint recipes, please share!
  • In non-garden activities, I have a book I need to finish. I have a bad habit of starting books while camping and relaxing, and then once I get back home I never get through the rest of it.
  • I’ve been having lots of art ideas lately, I’d like to turn one of them into reality this month.

Free yoga in the park! It was a such a perfect evening, although the yoga was a little low-key compared to my normal routine, it makes perfect sense because it was the first class of the summer and I’m sure there were lots of newbies in the crowd.

We brought picnic dinners to yoga, and afterwards headed to a spot that I’d heard has the best sunsets in all of Charleston. I can confirm, I have not found a better place to watch the sun set.

Later that week we went to our monthly favorite – First Fridays on Broad. We managed to get there really early, for some reason, and therefore made it to a few galleries we’d never been to before. One of our best nights!

We went out for our annual anniversary photo shoot – we wandered to all our favorite haunts downtown, then headed out to the USS Yorktown for more unconventional shots.

On the actual day of our anniversary, we stopped at a new brewery (SNAFU Brewing) and then we went to the SC Aquarium After Hours event – it was the best aquarium trip ever! No kids, no strollers, hardly any people, and we could wander around whilst sipping local beer. Fantastic.

I hadn’t started a garden this year because of all the crap I had to deal with last year (gophers, bugs, blight, drought, heat…) but when our neighbor dropped off a bunch of baby plants…well, my resolve weakened. I dug up the garden beds that same night and everything was planted within a day.

A week later, the gopher has eaten at least 12 eggplants and killed two pepper plants. Ugh. He pulls the plants right down into the ground, all that’s usually left is a quarter-sized hole in the ground and occasionally a leaf or two. Asshole.

For the holiday weekend we took our longest bus trip ever, up to Asheboro, NC.

We met up with family there, and had a gloriously relaxing weekend in a quintessentially country locale. We stopped for breakfast at a local diner! We wandered antique shops! We camped and had campfires!

Lastly, Kyle’s employer hosted us for a “company picnic” at a swanky restaurant downtown. The $17 nitrotinis were served smoking, with a big warning label on them! The food and drinks were absolutely delicious, and it was nice getting to know Kyle’s boss and coworker. We had a great night.

It was a fun month! Lots of social activities and exploring new places and trying new things. 

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