May Wrap-Up

Time to wrap up another month! This month marks my two-year anniversary in SC, and I was thinking today that it feels like I’ve been here forever. It’s not a bad thing, but I can feel my feet starting to get itchy again.


That being said, it’s probably time I start picking goals again. What’s on the list for June?

  • Bus cabinets need to be filled/sanded/stained/polyed/painted. I’ve been working on that this week – whenever it’s not raining!
  • I’d like to finish migrating old recipe posts over to this site, I’ve got another website project in my pocket but I don’t want to start it until I’ve got this one right where I want it!
  • We bought a couple new toys lately – a SUP and a slackline – and I need more practice with both!
  • Keep enjoying fresh veggies from the garden!
  • We’ve got a fun trip toward the end of the month, and I’m really looking forward to that.
  • I need to bottle my latest wine – a delicious pinot noir – and I’m hoping to start either a cider or another wine kit.
  • And of course, find some fun recipes to share!

Alright, now that I’ve got my list for June, let’s get back to what happened in May! Kyle and I like to take a little anniversary trip every year (last year‘s was pretty amazing!), and this year we went to Old Sheldon Church.

old sheldon church

As you can see, it was a much more epic location than I’d anticipated. We spent over an hour there taking photos – it was just so beautiful.

old sheldon church

We were finally able to use an anniversary gift that we got a year ago…and take a cooking class!  We learned how to make crepes.


It’s hard to say which is my favorite – the smoked salmon and cream cheese rolled crepe was SO flavorful, but fresh strawberries with whipped cream and mascarpone is so simple and amazing too.

aIMAG1154      aIMAG1156

Speaking of food, I am loving all the fresh flavors available right now! I love putting fresh strawberries in my salads!


Plus, I picked my first (and probably only) zucchini!  So much for getting a heat-tolerant variety, all the baby zucchinis have been turning yellow and dying this week.


I planted a tomato-heavy garden this year, hoping to can some salsa, but all my tomatoes have been infected with tomato wilt disease, so not only is this year’s crop wiped out, but I probably can’t grow tomatoes at this house again. Between that and a very invasive gopher, this year’s garden has been pretty disheartening. But I’ve got some nice looking cayenne peppers growing!


Alright, that’s enough about my garden. Summer has unofficially started, and despite all the challenges, it’s going to be a great one!

2 comments to May Wrap-Up

  • Moanna  says:

    I’m still swooning over your anniversary pictures

    • Darcy  says:

      I am too, I can’t believe how gorgeous that church is!

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