March Wrap-Up

March brought all the trappings of spring – more activities, more flowers, more allergies, more beautiful weather! As such, this post is chock full of photos from our March comings and goings.

First let’s cover the goals:

  • First Friday Art Walk! We met up with some friends downtown and enjoyed some wine and art.
  • Seriously. Spring. Cleaning. We went through stuff, and the result is an April garage sale goal.
  • We’re heading to one of the local plantations! I read that the camellias were in bloom, so I wanted to see them before that was over, despite having no idea what a camellia was. I know now!
  • St. Patrick’s Day block party – pretty low key for us this year, but we still went!
  • Taxes! We had to wait for a ridiculously late W2, but it’s here and taxes are all but filed.
  • I managed to a Duolingo lesson every day in March! I’m up to a 68 day streak (yeah, that’s right!). Do you Duo? Come fight me for top spot!

What’s going on in April? Oh, just…EVERYTHING.

  • Kyle is taking the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, after which we are celebrating with a night of margaritas.
  • Then we’re volunteering at the Cajun Fest – catch me in the beer tent, non-stop pouring all day!
  • My parents come to visit! We’re going to First Friday!
  • We have a garage sale!
  • Kyle’s family comes to visit!
  • We’re volunteering one day at Outdoor Fest, then the next day we’re attending ALL the classes and having a blast with general outdoor activities (will we finally buy a second iSUP?)
  • I have some malbec to bottle.
  • Some bus details to finish up – I don’t actually have the rear curtain done yet, plus we need something to hold the curtains open, and I need to do the cover for the rear cushion. Oh, plus start doing the write-ups on all the bus work we’ve done in the last year.
  • I’ve been meaning to get some semblance of a workout regimen going, but I haven’t yet. This is the month! (because I don’t have enough other stuff going on yet, right?)

The month started with First Friday, we met some friends downtown for the Art Walk and enjoyed a lovely night out and about.

After a pleasant amount of wine, we broke into a friend’s house to play with their cats – don’t worry, the friends were out of town. The cats were not amused (sorry Frim).

That same weekend, we headed to Magnolia Plantation to see…well, everything! We’ve never gone to any of the plantations, and we have passes that get us in for free, so it was time to go do.

The azaleas and camellias were in full bloom. I did a hot minute of research on camellias before we went and was surprised to see that some are incredibly geometric while others are much more haphazard.

There’s also a peacock on the grounds – peacocks are so loud! That made him easy to find though. I sat there for ten minutes trying to get a good photo of him, and then we turned our back for ten seconds and somehow he jumped (flew?) onto the pergola.

There is a bamboo garden, which was really cool. I’m not sure if I love or hate the bamboo graffiti – on one hand destructive, but the effect as a whole is artsy.

There’s also an Audubon Society Swamp Tour that is covered by our passes, so we explored the swamp too! There was lots of wildlife out there, starting with a baby alligator right inside the entrance.

I don’t want to bore you with any non-gator photos, so have another one.

We stopped by the Park Circle Block Party for St. Patrick’s – we really only stayed long enough to have a beer and watch the parade though. We didn’t come as prepared as you’d hope, next time we’ll bring chairs or something. Maybe some sunscreen.

Early in the month, Kyle brewed with Frothy Beard – their second batch at the new location! They made a blood orange saison. (I think photo credit goes to Joey?)

Later in the month we stopped by to try the fruits of his labor.

This month I also went on a skin care bender (the hazards of turning 30, I guess?). I now have a skin care routine! Since moving to a very sunny location, I’ve thought a lot about the long-term effects of the sun and I’m doing what I can to mitigate any unnecessary damage. Is this weird? Do you have a skin care routine? I want to hear about it!

I finally sewed up the cushion covers for the bench cushions and I love how they turned out! The fabric is way lighter than it looked online, but if it really bothers me I don’t mind trying to dye it. We’ll see. Chances are good I’ll be way too lazy.

Are you still with me? You’ve made it to the end, I promise. I’ll wrap it up with a gratuitous shot of the peacock peacocking.

Alright, that’s it! Time to start enjoying April!

2 comments to March Wrap-Up

  • Betsy Largin  says:

    You continue to amaze me my friend, so enjoy this!!

    • Darcy  says:

      I’m so glad! These month-end posts are so much fun to write.

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