March Wrap-Up

March was actually a huge month! We had surprise visitors (yay!) and planned visitors (yay!) and did lots of stuff in between! It was one of the those months where you need to make sure all your work is done during the week, because the weekends are amped up and fully booked.

where the wild things runWe had some surprise visitors – really good friends from Michigan came down to Myrtle Beach, so we crashed their party for a night. It was so good to see them and catch up!

myrtle beachThey got a great hotel – at off-season rates! – and the room was overlooking the pool and hot tub, with a small glimpse of the ocean across the street. It was a phenomenal visit, much, much, much too short, but we’ll see them again in July.

myrtle beach hotelNext we had some family come in to town, and boy did we ever put them through the paces! We had a busy itinerary, hitting up as much as we could fit in without exhausting ourselves. We took a day to explore Patriot’s Point and when everyone was sick of walking, we hopped on board a harbor tour. It was pouring rain while we waited in line for the harbor tour, but by the time the boat got out on the water it had cleared up enough to get a good view of everything.

patriot's pointLife isn’t all play, though, I dug out all our raised beds to aerate the soil and add some amendments (compost, leaf mold, some charred leaves). That was hard work! I believe my exact words before this photo were “Oh look, I’ve become my mother.”

aaIMAG0924Amongst my seedlings I discovered this guy. Apparently this is a skink and he was there gobbling up the slugs, so I let him stay. It seems like every time I turn around there’s a new creature in the garden.

skinkOh, and we’ve also started volunteering again with Charleston County Park and Rec – we had so much fun last year it’s hard to say no. Plus we’ve been getting really chummy with the otters at the aquarium, so we need to secure our passes for next year to make sure we can still visit them!


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