June Wrap-Up

There goes another month – this one caught me by surprise. It was a quiet month, but then suddenly it was over!

What did we even do this month? My goals were extremely weak, and I didn’t accomplish too much. But let’s dig in anyway.

  • I have a garden now! But not for long. Between the gopher, wilt disease, and broccoli worms, I’m slowly losing every single plant. Yay gardening.
  • There’s a sweet potato – jalapeno recipe I’ve been meaning to try, and you can check it out here!
  • Speaking of garden things, the mint has gone rogue. We made mojitos, but haven’t done much with the mint since then. 
  • In non-garden activities, I have a book I need to finish. But I don’t think I even picked it up this month. Ouch.
  • I’ve been having lots of art ideas lately, I’d like to turn one of them into reality. Truly, I don’t even know what I was thinking when I wrote this goal, and I can’t really think of any art projects I completed this month.

Am I going to get anything done in July? 

  • Since my garden is crap, I guess I’ll have to go buy salsa supplies. And then go on a salsa canning spree.
  • We tried to go paddleboarding last weekend and failed. I want to get out paddleboarding this month! It’s so flipping hot right now that if we go, we have to leave by like 7 or 8am so that we’re wrapping things up by the time the day gets really hot.
  • 4th of July! We’re hoping for some camping and fireworks this year, we’ll see what shakes out!
  • I’ve got a wine kit that needs to get started. My carboys have been completely empty for a couple months which is pretty unusual.
  • Maybe find a good day for pool or beach. It’s really too hot to do anything else. 

As always, I’ll round off the month with too many photos. I thought the neighbor gave us all jalapeno plants, so I was pretty excited to see we actually had a couple banana peppers.

Our weather here is hyper-localized. My commute is 4 miles long, and on the day I took this photo I drove through two separate rainstorms on the way to work. Sunshine in between.Kyle’s employer did another work event – this time we went to a baseball game to see Tim Tebow’s latest career. It was our first time going to see the Charleston Riverdogs and it was a really good time! The first photo in this post is a shot of the marsh behind the stadium.We tried to go paddleboarding last Saturday. It failed for many reasons, the main one being that when we arrived at the lake, the waves were HUGE. I’ve passed on putting the SUP in the ocean when it had smaller waves than what we saw on Saturday. However, when we tried to leave, the Fitty was knee-deep in some serious mud. Yeah, we were stuck.Fortunately, we tried pushing her out for all of two minutes before a neighbor found us (and the perfect excuse to get out his Gator). I’ll never cease to be amazed at the kindness of strangers. At that point it was way too hot out to inflate a board, so instead we checked out a couple different boat launches for future reference.With everything in the garden dying, I thought I better harvest the basil while it was still worth harvesting. I made a batch of pesto, froze it in an ice cube tray, and now we’ve got enough pesto to last a couple months! This is a basil leaf. Seriously. It’s the size of my hand. The basil is growing marvelously…but something is eating it, and at this point I don’t even care what, because (as previously stated) everything is dying and I’m. just. done.So. That was June. Pretty low-key, but it’s freaking hot out and I expect the rest of summer to pass in a similar fashion. Try to stay indoors and try to stay cool. It’s like Michigan winters, but the opposite end of the thermometer.

4 comments to June Wrap-Up

  • Caleb  says:

    You should come make salsa with Amy and me in a month or so. We planted so many peppers with aspirations of making so many salsas. We have so many heatless habaneros!

    Also, sorry to hear your garden continues to be destroyed by pests. It is unbelievable what your moles are into.

    • Darcy  says:

      I’m really excited about the heatless habaneros and I will be v disappointed if I don’t get to try some.

  • Caleb  says:

    I guess all my comments revolve around salsa. It might be a family thing. I blame aunt Aldyne. I think she really enjoyed the salsa I brought on the 4th.

    • Darcy  says:

      Salsa is love. Salsa is life.

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