June Wrap-Up

It’s time to sum up another month! I’m happy to put June in the rearview mirror, not only was it a weird month for me, but also I’ve got big things to look forward to in July!


First, a quick detour through June and July goals, then we’ll get to the photos.

  • Bus cabinets need to be filled/sanded/stained/polyed/painted. I made quite a bit of progress, although I’ve still got more to do. Slow projects! But things are turning out great.
  • I’d like to finish migrating old recipe posts over to this site. I made a lot of progress, but I’ve still got more to do. Speaking of slow projects…
  • We bought a couple new toys – a SUP and a slackline – and I need more practice with both! I don’t think I had time for either of these things this month, but next month will be better!
  • Keep enjoying fresh veggies from the garden! I enjoyed a few things, but most of my garden died this month.
  • A fun trip toward the end of the month! We actually ended up changing the dates for this trip, so it got postponed until July.
  • I need to bottle my latest wine – a delicious pinot noir. I got this bottled and I’m really happy with how it turned out.
  • And of course, find some fun recipes to share! Check out this month’s Canned Salmon Salad, Slow Cooker Orange Beef, and Mint Chocolate Chip Banana Ice Cream!

Then we kick off July with a long weekend! My July goals are going to be roughly the same as June’s, because I’ve got a lot of big projects that need to be wrapped up.

  • Continue to transfer old blog posts.
  • Finish up the bus cabinets.
  • Have a nice little vacation, and we’ll take the slackline along and get some practice with that too.
  • I’d like to pick up some tomatoes from the local farmers market and can a batch of tomatoes. It would be great to can some salsa as well, I’d hate to admit how quickly we went through last year’s canner-load of salsa.
  • Head to the beach! June was full of too much work and not enough beach.
  • Have an early graduation party for my husband! He’s in his final classes and we’re celebrating all summer long.

Speaking of Kyle being in school, he spent 3 weeks of June in North Dakota to attend some classes that he couldn’t take online. While he was gone, though, I stayed pretty busy. This neighborhood kitty even helped stave off the loneliness in return for all the head scritches.


Of course, I did so much sanding. So much staining. So much polyurethane. SO MANY FUMES. And all in 90°+ temps – between the face mask and the gloves I was just about melting.


I’m making great progress though – I know this is a terrible photo, but here’s a sneak peek of the countertop after getting stained. PS using a stain that dark is terrifying, but luckily stain is a pretty forgiving medium.


Some friends invited me to a Spoleto event and took along an excellent charcuterie picnic to enjoy while listening to great music.


A coworker brought a bucket of jalapenos in to work and I snagged a few handful of them to take home and make cheesy jalapeno poppers with!

cheesy bacon jalapeno poppers

Kyle finally arrived home and we celebrated with bus rides to Home Depot. And Homegrown.


So that was June! I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend and has a great 4th of July!

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