July Wrap-Up

July is ending? But…I’m not ready yet! I need just a few more days…

IMG_7034July felt like a short month because I was extremely busy at work – it makes time just fly! So I didn’t achieve all my goals this month, but I feel good about what I got done.

  • Continue to transfer old blog posts. I didn’t do this. It’s super boring and I’ve been a total bum this month.
  • Finish up the bus cabinets. This is done! They look fantastic and as soon as I can get them out into some natural light I’ll take lots of photos!
  • Have a nice little vacation, and take the slackline along and get some practice with that too. Done and done!
  • I’d like to pick up some tomatoes from the local farmers market and can a batch of tomatoes. We actually stopped at the markets last weekend to do some price checking, but since the bus cabinet work has taken over the kitchen I wanted to get that cleared out before we start more kitchen projects – the current plan is to do canning this weekend.
  • Head to the beach! Um, yeah. I expected July to be pretty light on schoolwork for Kyle and I was super wrong. So we never made it to the beach.
  • Have an early graduation party for my husband! We had two, and they were both great.

August. Let’s do this.

  • KYLE. GRADUATES. This month is the month when we’ll finally have time to do ALL the fun things. His final exam is Wednesday and after that we’re playing hooky and heading to the water park. Don’t tell my boss.
  • I’m going to read a book. I’ve been meaning to read Irrational Exuberance since…January? and I still haven’t touched it.
  • This year was full of epic garden fails, but I’m not so beaten down that I can’t get up…yet. I’m going to start my fall garden this month.
  • August officially marks the 1 year anniversary of when my phone first crashed on me, and ever since then it’s been losing more and more functionality. Will this be the month I finally buy a new phone? Or will my friends, family and coworkers have to put up with more whining? Read all about it on September 2.
  • Determine how much fabric I need to buy to make curtains and seat covers for the bus. Take some measurements. Do some math.
  • Every day after work I sit down at my laptop and unwind. Sometimes I look up and find I’ve frittered away two hours. Yikes. This month, I will find a different way to unwind.

July photos…are literally all from our trip to Michigan. As stated, I was a total bum the rest of the month. Actually, work was so busy that I was drained by the time I got home every day, so house projects moved slowly. I did finish up the polyurethane on the bus cabinets, but for the most part I had a lazy month.

IMG_7778We brought the slackline to a family gathering, and everyone got a chance to try it. What I really love about this shot is that someone unwittingly captured a family photo here. I can’t even remember the last time we got the four of us in one photo.

IMG_7554I finally got to meet this little nugget, and she’s just as snuggly as predicted.

IMG_8322Somehow the stars aligned and we were able to make a trip up to Short’s, and we even managed to sneak some of their legendary Huma back down to SC to share with friends.

IMG_7685We were hoping to get a chance to head out to Lake Michigan at some point, and as a bonus we spent a couple hours floating down the Platte River with friends on our way to the lake.

IMG_8073Graduation party #1

IMG_8396Graduation party #2

IMG_8460If there was a more perfect trip, I couldn’t have planned it if I’d tried.

Life, however, balances out the highs with lows. This week my family suffered a tragic loss when my cousin died in a workplace accident, leaving behind his sweet pregnant wife whom I’d just met for the first time. The same day we heard that news, we also heard that Kyle’s family had suffered a loss as well; Granny’s beau took a fall and didn’t recover.

It’s never easy to live this far from our families, but in times of great happiness and great sorrow, it’s extra difficult to not be there to share the laughter or the tears. To both our families: you weigh heavily on our minds this week. There’s an empty space in your lives that wasn’t there before, and I’m sorry we aren’t there to help you through the pain. I know that others are doing what we can’t – wrapping you up in loving arms and giving you the strength to weather this out. And I hope that soon the good memories will shine through and help your Joy feel whole again.

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