January Wrap-Up

January was kind of a whirlwind – between general busyness, a week of travel, plus a couple birthdays, it flew by.  Luckily, I’ve got a bunch of really great photos.

I didn’t have too much on January’s list, but it filled in quickly.

  • Work is sending me to California for a week. I went. It was definitely a work trip, but we did have one fun night out at the beach.
  • I turned 30. Details below.
  • Use our park passes to go visit somewhere new. Sort of accomplished – we went on a carriage tour and then visited the aquarium.
  • Put new covers on the seat cushions in the bus. Oh wow, now that I’m 30 it’s really hard to get things done.
  • Start purging! I went through all my clothes and I made a list of household things to sell on Craigslist, just need to get the ads up.

February stuff, it’s already upon us!

  • Kyle claims we’re going to start our spring cleaning in February.
  • I need to get some plants started if I’m going to have a garden this year. I’m probably going to scale things way back after the frustrations of the past couple years.
  • Back when I was preparing for my 30th birthday with horror and dread, I decided I needed to make it a happy occasion. Well, happiness could not be achieved on my actual birthday but I did schedule it for a few weeks later. Short version: a birthday party is happening. There will be a glitter cake.
  • I need a tasty crockpot recipe! It’s cold and I don’t feel like cooking, it’s perfect slow cooker weather. Who’s got a good one?
  • I hear there’s a football game happening. Maybe there will be food. Like this beautiful taco appetizer with guacamole.

Like I said, I have a bunch of photos from this month. And because this is a month I want to remember, I’m going to share them. All.

We kicked the month off with a NYE party, in which beer was consumed and fireworks were abused. There were also a few rounds of Joking Hazard.

We had a weekend of really awesome weather, which meant we got out the slackline and enjoyed the sunshine. Slacklining looks much easier in photos.

I got to see both the Atlantic and the Pacific this month after work sent me to Costa Mesa, CA.

The coastline was different – there were no shells, but plenty of this weird seaweed stuff. The water was COLD!

I haven’t seen a west coast sunset since my honeymoon in Mexico.

The day after I got back, a friend and I went on an unsanctioned photography tour of some abandoned buildings.

That evening, I found out the real purpose of our trip was to keep me distracted while Kyle put together a surprise birthday party for me! I have zero photos of that event because by that point both my camera and phone were dead (and Kyle was way too stressed out to be very organized – the next day he opened the fridge and said “Oh damn! I forgot to serve the jalapeno poppers!” and he was so upset, but I was super happy because that meant I got a whole pan of poppers and didn’t have to share them).

The following weekend was Kyle’s birthday, so we went out and celebrated. We had a gift card to Graze, and as a birthday special they served up a plate of delicious, delicious cheesecake for the birthday boy.

The next day, a friend had tipped us off to the local’s free day with Palmetto Carriage tours. That’s my second favorite f-word, so you better believe we were there bright and early. It was a really good tour! We did one of those tours when we first moved to Charleston, and it was really enjoyable.

Since we were in the vicinity of the aquarium, we stopped by to say hi to our favorite otters. I think they’ve been sleeping every single time we’ve been there, so it was pretty awesome when we arrived to find that it was feeding time! They were diving for fishes and generally being otterly adorable.

Whew! That was a month for the history books! Not real history books, of course, but my own personal biography, which is very nearly as interesting.

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