January Wrap-Up

We got some serious work done this month! The bus is starting to look really good – in fact, I think we’re both surprised about how great it’s turning out.

vw bus camper buildCabinets are made, the bench seat is made, the flooring pieces are cut…and the bench even folds down into a bed!

vw bus camper buildAfter all that work, we needed a break, so we went to an old stand-by. Cheese and crackers, on the water.

basic charcuterieThis photo didn’t really turn out because my cell phone is a dinosaur, but you can get the picture. Er..yeah, something like that.

shem creekThen we took a quick trip to the state capital, Columbia, and toured the capitol building.

aaIMAG0727jylerThere’s a really nice piece of stained glass in the building, but I honestly don’t remember too much from the tour. A lot of ceremony, that’s for sure.

aaIMAG0699While we were on our way to Columbia, we got word from some full-time travelers that they wanted to take us up on our offer of a place to park for the night! So that’s how we ended up hosting paygasnotrent, and then later went to see Cousin Curtiss play at Awendaw Green. They were kindred spirits, I was really sad to see them leave!

aaIMAG0736And that about wraps up our month! I got some seedlings started at the end of the month – so ready to get the garden going this year!



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