Garden 2015

I’m sure you saw this one coming.  I have mentioned the raised beds for several months now (here, here and here), and suddenly, spring is upon us!  Planting season may or may not be in full swing.  I don’t actually know the seasons here, so I’m just going with my gut.

IMG_5736aThese beds are made from cheap fencing from the 70% off cart at our local home improvement store, so they are treated.  Therefore, we needed to line them to avoid the chemicals.
IMG_5605aAlso, a key component: dirt.
IMG_5602aSome hard labor was required to move the pile from the driveway to the beds.  Major thanks to my parents, who helped me move a mountain despite the fact that they were supposed to be on vacation!
IMG_5626aWhen it was all said and done, we discovered we’d made some very large, fancy litter boxes.  I imagine that at night, it looks a lot like a kitty version of the Roman bath houses.  Blech.  So here’s the latest in free cat deterrent solutions.
IMG_5757aIn the meantime, the sprouty buddies I started in February are coming along nicely.
seedlingsLastly, here’s my current square foot garden plan.  I seem to have left my copy of Square Foot Gardening in Michigan, so I’m guessing.  Mostly what I’m trying to figure out is how to succession plant to make the most of SC growing seasons.  Also how to take advantage of big plants (zucchini, etc) while they’re small – for instance, putting some fast-growing radishes in those squares before the squash plant takes over.
garden layoutIf anyone has any advice, hit me up, I’m a total rookie!

I guess I should amend this to talk about the time I declared it Gardening Month (all the way back in 2012!) and wrote a bunch of posts like Soil Amendments, Double Digging, Companion Planting and the somewhat sketchy post about Moon Planting.  Still, I’m a rookie.


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