February Wrap-Up

Unseasonably warm weather has me terrified for what the summer temps are going to look like. I’m just going get that all out in the open right away. That being said, we had marvelous weather in February so we spent a lot of time outside!

First things first: February goals.

  • Kyle claims we’re going to start our spring cleaning in February. We talked about it a lot but I haven’t done much yet.
  • I need to get some plants started if I’m going to have a garden this year. Again, something I talked about but didn’t actually follow through on.
  • A birthday party is happening. We traveled, we partied, much joy abounded.
  • I need a tasty crockpot recipe! I revived a lentil soup recipe from the archives, but it isn’t a crockpot recipe. Close enough?
  • Super Bowl. Any excuse for good food and good company, right? I don’t think I took any photos though.

So…February goals were kind of a bust. Between traveling, social events, and being sick, I didn’t have much energy for getting stuff done around the house. I’m sure March will be better.

  • First Friday Art Walk! March is one of the bigger months for this event, so it should be a great night to be out!
  • Seriously. Spring. Cleaning.
  • We’re heading to one of the local plantations – gotta use our passes while we have them!
  • St. Patrick’s Day block party? Yes, please.
  • Taxes! I’ve been waiting on one last tax document. Hopefully it comes in soon.
  • I managed to a Duolingo lesson every day in February! I’ve got to keep that streak going.

Early in the month, we traversed up to Michigan. It’s been nearly 3 years since we’ve seen snow, so we decided to embrace it – we went snowshoeing!

The real reason for our visit was to see friends and family at my birthday party! I can’t stop thanking everyone enough for all they did – I’ve never felt so loved!

Every 30th birthday deserves a glitter cake. Absolute fact.

There was also plenty of lazing around, and hanging out with my favorite doggo.

On the (early!) flight home, I even treated myself to my annual mocha. Caribou is the best.

The weekend after we got home, we went camping! We finally got to field test the back porch lights. SO BRIGHT.

The theme of the campout was Dr. Seuss, so there were plenty of bright decorations throughout the campground.

We also got to try out our new aluminum griddle. We actually reappropriated this from our neighbors curb pile. Free griddle for the win! (Of course Kyle thoroughly cleaned and seasoned it before use)

After our camping trip, we stopped by Edisto Beach – this area was hit pretty hard in Hurricane Matthew. Hard enough to wipe out the campout’s original campground, and there was still quite a bit of damage to the waterfront as well.

The following weekend was Folly Gras, the local version of Mardi Gras. The bus club got together for the parade, with everyone dressed as pirates. Kyle even added a pirate sail to our bus.

The parade route was crazy. We were toward the end of the parade, but the crowd was so thick we could hardly drive through.

After all that, we still managed to sneak in one last campfire this month. I can’t seem to sit in front of a campfire without taking at least one photo.

It was a busy month! Our weekends were quite full, so I don’t feel so bad about not getting much housework done. And March is a new month!

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