February Wrap-Up

We had some visitors this month! And we did lots of fun things with them. We also got our CCPRC reciprocal passes at the end of January, so we took some serious advantage of those to visit some local attractions for free!

sc aquarium turtleThere is an iconic bridge in Charleston called the Ravenel Bridge (or the Cooper River Bridge), and when you cross this bridge you can see an aircraft carrier very nearby. The aircraft carrier is actually a very large museum, and after seeing it every time we crossed the bridge we wanted to explore it ourselves.

patriots point uss yorktownWe were extremely impressed with just how extensive this museum is – it feels like there are very few sections of the aircraft carrier that are off-limits. We explored until we got tired, and we still only saw about half of the USS Yorktown, and that’s only one of the vessels covered under the ticket at Patriot’s Point! So we still need to go back and explore the rest of the place.

Then my brother and sister-in-law arrived for a quick visit, and since our reciprocal passes are good for us + a guest, our passes got all four of us in to the aquarium for free! These passes are the best ever.

sc aquariumWe’ve made it a habit to head straight the the pet-the-shark tank at the aquarium. The rays are a little friendlier than the sharks. The aquarium as a whole is pretty great, and we should know – we’ve been there three times already.

sc aquarium pet sharkWith the fam in tow, we also explored downtown. Our passes get us in for free at most of the museums in museum mile, so we checked out the Calhoun Mansion, which I am only just now realizing is not actually part of museum mile.

calhoun mansionThen, what better way to get some fresh air than to walk the bridge? I think we all got some wind burn with that trip.

cooper river bridgeOther than that, I don’t have any pictures from February! I guess it was a pretty busy month, with Kyle working through his last semester of school and me pushing some little side projects I’ve had going on – there hasn’t been much time for going out!

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