December Wrap-Up

It’s time to wrap up December, as well as the year 2016. It was a pretty big year for us, 2016 brought lots of good things.

charleston christmasHere are the weak “goals” I picked for December (seriously what was I thinking).

  • We’re going to First Friday ArtWalk downtown (yay!) tonight.
  • Uh…friend’s Christmas party
  • And work Christmas party

The best part is that I have exactly zero photos of any of those events. So….yeah. Let’s just move on to January!

  • Work is sending me to California for a week. Sure, I won’t have much time to explore and it’s not really warmer there than it is here…but I’ve never been to California before and that kind of feels like a milestone.
  • I am turning 30. My plans so far include taking the day off work so I can spend my day in the fetal position, crying and drinking wine.
  • Use our park passes to go visit somewhere new. And also the aquarium, because sharks.
  • Put new covers on the seat cushions in the bus. I was supposed to get these done earlier but -spoiler alert- I hate sewing.
  • Start purging! I have too much stuff, I want to downsize and I know how slow I am, so if I start now maybe I’ll be ready for a Memorial Day garage sale.

I feel like December was pretty quiet, but over Christmas break I did quite a bit more, so most of my photos are from that time frame. I bottled wine! It’s a barolo.

I planted a couple areas of peas a couple months ago. Like ten seeds sprouted, but now they are in bloom! And just today I saw some actual peas growing! So yeah, check out my winter gardening.

You may remember my sewing issue from last month. After I finally stopped whining about it, it took about 30 seconds of googling to figure it out (it was an issue with thread tension). And while I was getting all troubleshooty with the sewing machine, I solved another curtain problem too. The foot on my machine is so wide that I couldn’t sew the curtain ribbon onto the curtain without having to curve around the plastic brackets. Well it turns out I have another foot that was super easy to swap out, so now – straight seams! Okay, straight-ish.

Obviously you don’t care. I’m pretty excited though. With my now expert-level sewing knowledge, I finished the bus curtains. Yay me.

Kyle and I finally took the bus out to Cars and Coffee on Christmas Eve, we’ve been meaning to go for quite a while and it finally worked out. There was a great turnout and it was fun showing off a VW bus at a car show – it’s definitely got some unique features. Or at least it did, until a Ferrari race car parked next to us. I think a couple teenage boys had heart attacks when he fired up the engine.

Afterwards we headed downtown to see Charleston decked out for the holidays. We started out at one of my favorite spots – the Pineapple Fountain. I pretty much always ask a random stranger to take our photo there. We’re amassing a collection.

The weather was absolutely perfect – we sat outdoors for a light lunch and then we started wandering the residential areas. We came across this pupper snoozing in a hallway – Kyle gets the photo credit here, but I really love how this photo turned out.

We also discovered this really excellent brick wall that was shaped around a tree branch. This is why it’s so easy to wander around Charleston – there are so many fun things to discover!
Kyle has had the week off work, so he’s been spending time on a multitude of bus projects, I’ve got a 4-day weekend now so I’m hoping to get started on the bus cushion covers. It’s really nice having extra time off, I feel like I got a lot done.

Happy New Year! Here’s to making 2017 the best one yet!

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