August Wrap-Up

August was a surprisingly pleasant month, I expected a pervasive, stifling heat but we’ve had some really nice days lately.

Despite the lure of the nice weather, I still did okay on my goals list. Not great, just okay.

  • Girls night! We had such a good time! It’s so refreshing to get some high-caliber social time in.
  • Get a library card. I got a library card…and then I got carried away picking out books.
  • Take a trip to the thriftstore with a car-load of stuff and get serious about downsizing. We got rid of a large amount of clothing but still need to work through the random household appurtenances that we don’t use.
  • Upgrade my meal planning. I started out strong and then things faded as my weekends filled up.
  • Go through 12 years worth of digital photos, delete what I don’t want to keep, back up the rest. There’s a large stack of library books that explains why I made no progress on this goal.

September is going to be a lot of carry-over goals as it’s time for me to really hold myself to some of these projects. Every bit of decluttering relieves some mental space and I’m committed!

  • Continue getting rid of all the things we don’t use.
  • Go through 12 years worth of digital photos, delete what I don’t want to keep, back up the rest.
  • I expect the weekends will just get busier as the weather gets nicer (yay fall!), so I want to spend a weekend making freezer meals to keep things easy.
  • Mini family reunion? Some long-distance family is making a trip to the east coast, so we’re all getting together.
  • Book a camping trip. Kyle and I are both itching to get out and camp again, so we need to plan a trip.
  • I’m getting a new action camera, I’d like to play around with that on a paddleboarding trip.

I can’t believe I missed a couple big things in my August goals – the eclipse and Ballpark Festival of Beers. The eclipse was a total bust. We were in the path of totality but it poured rain all afternoon. The beer festival was one of the best we’ve volunteered at, they’ve really stepped up their game organization-wise. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My month started off with some mandatory fun – my employer booked a party at a local bowling alley to celebrate our year-end. It was actually a great time!

Then we had a girls weekend! We did an escape room, went out to dinner, played some drinking games and some regular games, and ate so much delicious food I gained five pounds! (It turned out our cheap bathroom scale had gotten misaligned and after I zeroed it out again I lost five pounds.) There was also some hair braiding and prank calling boys, so it was a proper sleepover.

I got a library card! Then I got so excited about the possibilities of all the books I could borrow and ended up taking a huge stack home. I read about two of them before I had to return everything, so I renewed them and…I still haven’t made too much progress. Reading takes time!

Kyle and I volunteered at Ballpark Festival of Beers and had a great night. The weather was fairly mild, it was better staffed this year than previous years, and there was a lot of really good beer. We were serving up beer from Jekyll Island Brewing, who makes a fantastic IPA called Hop Dang Diggity. They also had another IPA that they were serving in cans called Southern Juice, it’s also pretty decent, especially if you like citrusy IPAs.

The next day we headed inland until the terrain started producing hills and real altitude changes. We found a local trailhead and embarked on a 7 mile hike. I wasn’t too sore the next day, which is a plus! I rarely track my steps or anything like that so I wasn’t sure how difficult a hike of that magnitude would feel.

Since we’re really sporty people now (apparently), we got the stand up paddleboards out a few days later. I’ve never tracked my distance on a SUP before either, so this time we brought a GPS to track our trip, and the device promptly failed. But I tracked it out on Google Maps later and figured it was about 1.5 miles. This was our first SUP trip in months so I was pretty pleased with that result too.

And that was pretty much my month! 

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