August Wrap-Up

One of the best parts of living in SC is that for most of the US, Labor Day heralds the end of summer, but down here things are just getting comfortable again. Long live summer!

storm_rolls_inWe’re about to get hit by Tropical Storm Hermine, so it’s not all sunshine down here. I seem to recall getting hit by a storm over Memorial Weekend too. We don’t really have any plans though, just some social engagements. Let’s jump into goals:

  • KYLE. GRADUATES. This was the best thing ever. We kicked off the celebration by hitting up the water park, then we’ve been gallivanting about the countryside with the slackline and stand up paddleboards in tow.
  • I’m going to read a book. I’ve been meaning to read Irrational Exuberance since…January? I read Irrational Exuberance and then I read Contagious: Why Things Catch On, and then I started Antifragile!
  • This year was full of epic garden fails, but I’m not so beaten down that I can’t get up…yet. I’m going to start my fall garden this month. I planted some things…yesterday. It practically counts.
  • Will this be the month I finally buy a new phone? Well, the phone I want came down in price quite a bit, and I almost bought it then, and then the price jumped again, and now I have a new price anchor in my mind so obviously I have to wait until the price falls again. Phone drama!
  • Determine how much fabric I need to buy to make curtains and seat covers for the bus. Oh yeah, this totally didn’t happen. It really needs to happen in September though, so I’m putting it back on the list.
  • Every day after work I sit down at my laptop and unwind. This month, I will find a different way to relax. I did okay with this goal. I generally read my book after work, but my book was on my laptop so sometimes I wasn’t as diligent with my time as I could have been.

What will September bring? Let’s make some things up!

  • Determine how much fabric I need to buy to make curtains and seat covers for the bus. This really needs to get done because we’ve got a bus trip planned in November and we need the bus to be travel-ready.
  • Check out a new taphouse that just opened nearby! Kyle has a one-night-a-week bar shift and I really enjoy having a night to myself. I assume he’d like the same, so I’m going to assess this new taphouse as a potential side gig.
  • Kyle just figured out a way to set up the slackline at our house, so I want to practice on that at least once a week!
  • My fall garden plan says to plant peas mid-month, but I’ve got to clean up the garden before it’s ready for seeds. So that’s a project.
  • My diet has gotten out of whack and it’s starting to show…on my midsection. Time to make a mealplan and stick to it. Even on the weekends.
  • For the most part, I enjoy my job. However, I don’t feel like I have a good balance between work and home right now. I feel like I give so much at work that I don’t have enough left to get personal projects done at the end of the day. In September, I’d like to find a better balance.

Picture time! We had some weather this month! First it rained so much that we started to flood. I expect the same to happen tonight as the storm passes through.

aIMAG1542Kyle’s graduation celebration! We had an awesome day at the water park.

waterparkWe grabbed the slackline and headed to the park for some practice…before deciding it was way too hot.

slacklineI might have had a crappy garden this year, but that didn’t stop me from canning some spicy salsa!


aIMAG1587(1)Kyle’s graduation present arrived in the mail, so we took it out to Shem Creek for an inaugural trip.

iSUPDate night! One of the fringe benefits of Kyle’s side job is an occasional free beer tasting.

sour beer and stoutRight after we replaced the window seals, Kyle bought new sliding windows. We finally enlisted some help and got them installed, now there’s a nice breeze in the bus.

sliding window vw busBeer Fest! We both volunteered at Ballpark Festival of Beers this month and…well, I wasn’t driving, so I had a great time.

ballpark festival of beersIf it seems like this month was one giant celebration, that’s absolutely accurate. We played, we partied, we enjoyed a mountain of free time and joy this month. I’m so proud of Kyle for what he’s accomplished, and I’m so excited to see how we fill our time now that he’s done with classes.

vw bus and stand up paddleboardCada dia es mejor!

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