April Wrap-Up

April was another wildly busy month! It’s starting to feel like summer around here – the humidity has definitely kicked in – and there are events every weekend. The garden is in full force, and walking around downtown Charleston smells like walking into a botanical garden – there are flowers everywhere!

spring in downtown charlestonKyle and I had a big weekend volunteering at and then attending CCPRC’s Outdoor Festival. I worked at the slackline while he was on-water safety, then we were both stationed at the Try-It kayak/SUP/canoe area. After a big day like that, we were only too happy to stop at a brewery and nurse our sunburn (Freehouse Brewing, Dark Wild ale).

freehouse brewery dark wild aleThe next day we were back at it, trying everything from archery to inflatable standup paddleboards. If I ever get a kayak, it’s going to be a sit-on-top style.

kayak jicpAfter that, we finally had a nice weekend to get out our own SUP – we bought it last October, then we bought a paddle in December, and by then it was too cold to be out on the water. We dismantled the bus interior so it can be stained/painted/polyurethaned, so there’s lots of space for a kayak and SUP. It was SO nice to have a beach day again – it’s been far too long!

vw bus at folly beach county parkThe garden is coming along nicely, although I’ve had to fight off some gophers (killed 3 tomatoes!), pea aphids, and a squirrel. It’s not a very pretty garden because the soil is so sandy – it gets so light when it dries out. Maybe after a few more years of composting…sigh.

raised bed gardeningOne day after it rained I hopped outside with the camera and snapped a couple shots of the peas – this is one of my favorites.

aIMG_6105Kyle and I had lofty plans about going downtown, but then those plans fell through, so we decided to go anyway and explore the Nathaniel Russell House on the Museum Mile. They were okay with photography, but no flash! and no taking photos after everyone else has left the room! It’s sad that I was excited that photography was actually allowed (it feels like all interior views are proprietary these days), but there were still so many rules…

nathaniel russell houseThe history doesn’t stay with me very well, but I do really enjoy exploring old houses and seeing how people lived back then. There was one room in the house with a (candle-lit) chandelier – they’re messy! – and to emphasize the light it put out, there were lots of original mirrors on the wall.

nathaniel russell houseAnd of course, it’s hard to go downtown on a hot day without feeling the cool breeze by the pineapple fountain, easily one of my favorite spots in Charleston.

pineapple fountainAlright, this post is pretty photo-heavy, so I’m going to wrap it up. May is the last month of Kyle’s semester and he’s SO CLOSE to being done with school. Plus we’re SO CLOSE to getting the bus interior – well, not finished, but the big pieces are almost done. So hopefully I’ll have more on that front next month.

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