About Me

aIMG_7578aOne day I became an adult and started cooking food. Since I was unemployed at the time (oh, adulthood) I also decided to start blogging about it as a way to keep me occupied in between job applications.  Seven homes, six jobs and four states later, I’m still writing down recipes – recipe how-tos have been my only consistent hobby since graduating college.

I try to keep it healthy most of the time. A stint with the Paleo diet broke my sugar addiction, so savory recipes outnumber dessert recipes here. However, I’m far from perfect, and I’ve got a giant plate of nachos to prove it. Here are some features of my kitchen: I rarely use expensive ingredients, I try not to use any fancy equipment (although I did pick up a food processor / blender at a garage sale), and I don’t let that hold me back from making anything that sounds delicious.  At The Everything Kitchen…nothing is off the table.

Beyond the kitchen, I’ll use any excuse to get outside. Picnics at the pier, volunteering with the local Parks and Rec Dept, and camping in my 1976 Volkswagen bus are my favorite ways to soak up sunshine and fresh air. I love adventures, including briefly moving aboard a sailboat, and moving to a city I’ve never been to before.  I’m also an aspiring gardener, although I’m still adjusting to how to garden in a new climate.

Welcome to The Everything Kitchen! I’m sure you’ll find something you like.