September Wrap-Up

September is wrapping up, and for most of you, fall is in the air! Not here, of course, I just about died of heat stroke mowing the lawn this week. But that won’t stop the pumpkins from being on display everywhere.

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August Wrap-Up

August was a surprisingly pleasant month, I expected a pervasive, stifling heat but we’ve had some really nice days lately.

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Red Cabbage Slaw


Today’s recipe is crazy simple. It’s so fresh and light, and the bright colors will brighten up any table. It’s red cabbage and carrot slaw! 

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Mint Chutney Sauce


Although my garden seems totally useless this year, there are two plants that are still producing like crazy. One is the mint, which I mentioned back in May. The other is the jalapenos. Well, I found a deliciously savory way to combine them! Mint chutney sauce is an Indian-style sauce that features bold flavors from fresh herbs, and a spicy kick from jalapenos.

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Easy Grilled Kabobs


Last week I talked about the fact that my cooking has been really uninspired lately. I’ve spent some time thinking about how to change that and get out of this food rut. 

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July Wrap-Up

July was a long month…and somehow it passed by very quickly.

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Mashed Banana Muffins with Oatmeal Streusel


Let’s talk about how great bananas are – self-contained packaging, no need for utensils when eating, very transportable. Pretty much your perfect on-the-go snack. I’ve been taking them to work for either breakfast or snack lately.

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June Wrap-Up

There goes another month – this one caught me by surprise. It was a quiet month, but then suddenly it was over!

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Jalapeño-Honey Sweet Potato Bake


 Remember my garden full of jalapeños? Expect lots of spicy recipes this summer. 

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May Wrap-Up

We’ve wrapped up another fantastic month here – we’ve been incredibly busy but we also found time to relax in May. All in all, not a bad way to pass the time.

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